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The availability of things

Attention is available
News reports are available
Election results are available
Surveys are available
Gossip is available
Tickets are available
iPhone 5 is available
A new version is available
Disk space is available
Servers are available
Network settings are available
Bluetooth is available
Flat rate is available
DSL is available
Desired URL is available
Account is available
Television series are, even when they are no longer running on TV, available
Films are, even before they arrive in movie theaters, available
Services are available
Decreased services are available
Increased services are available
Rental cars are available
Hotel rooms are available
Vaccines are available
My mouth is available
My armpits are available
My spit is available
My fingers are
My fists are
The banana is
The hairbrush is
The baseball bat is available
The hamster is available
The rope is available
The toggle is available
The gas is
The gas is not
The breakdown
The police inspection
The prison cell
The changing room
The fitness center
The steam bath
The beach
The open air
The closed air
The infinity pool
The private jet
The dental practice
The basement
The elevator
The loft
The juice
The can of Coke
The sandwich
The cigarette
The shit
The split


written for: Cheap Throat by copy & waste, Festival FAVORITEN 2012
translated by Daniel Brunet
for the digital catalogue of the exhbition: DIDING – An Interior That Remains an Exterior? at Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien, 2015.

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